Toilet leak repairs

Effective Toilet Leak Repairs

Toilet leak repairs

A leaking toilet can be a nuisance, primarily because of the way it leaves your home drenched in water. In that case, you should carry out toilet leak repairs to fix the problem and prevent a spongy feel on the floor. Here is how to go about the repairs.

Remove the Toilet

This step involves unscrewing a nut on the water closet. When pulling the toilet, you might end up with excess water flooding the floor. Additionally, unscrewing rusted nuts and bolts isn’t that easy and may require you to use a hack saw.

Check for Things to Repair

Once you have removed the toilet, it’s time to check damaged things that need repairing. An important part is a flange, which could be damaged, broken, or lying low. You have to fix the toilet flange. Also important is to repair the toilet wax ring. Also, check and repair the toilet flush if it is broken.

cost to repair toilet

You also need to check and repair the toilet drain pipe, especially if water is flowing back. Away from the water tank, you should inspect and repair the toilet flush. That’s to ensure that water comes out at adequate pressure.

What Is the Cost to Repair Toilet in Pretoria?

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