kitchen sink replace repair pretoria

Signs You Should Replace / Repair a Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink replace repair pretoria

It would help if you had a properly functioning kitchen sink to wash dishes, fruits, and vegetables properly. Whenever you need to wash your hands, the kitchen sink will also come in handy. When should you consider a kitchen sink replacement/repair?

The following are things to consider:

Visible Mineral Deposits

When mineral deposits build up inside the sink, they can render it virtually dysfunctional. Check for signs of mineral deposits in the filter. You may use a water softener or carry out a kitchen sink strainer replacement.

15 Years Old

You should replace the kitchen sink drain pipe if you installed it more than 15 years ago. Also, check for signs of plumbing and replace the kitchen sink drain pipe. That will ensure that the sink keeps draining water as you use it.

Intermittent Leaking

You should fix a kitchen sink leak as soon as possible. If you don’t, the damage might worsen, leading to water flooding your kitchen floor. You may also have to replace pipes under the kitchen sink if that’s the source of the leak.

cost to replace repair kitchen sink leak

How Much to Replace / Repair Kitchen Sink Leak in Pretoria?

What you eventually pay depends on the extent of the damage and the materials you need for the work. Talk to us for an affordable quotation.

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