Door Painters, Door Refinishing

6 Tips for Door Refinishing in Pretoria

Do you have an old door that you would wish to refinish? Please hire a door painting company near you. They will not only do professional work but also leave you with the most impressive results.

Door Painters, Door Refinishing

Here is what door painters would do when they come to your home:

  • Remove the Hardware: The first step is to remove hardware such as locks and knobs. In the end, you should only have a wooden surface.
  • Sand the Flat Surfaces: You can sand the door with 80-grit paper to remove the old varnish and old flakes of wood. Repeat with a 100-grit paper followed by a 120-grit paper.
  • Scrape Moldings: Before painting the door interiors, remove any dirt and debris that might have accumulated in the moldings. The purpose of that is to make door refinishing much easier.
  • Hand Sand the Profiles: Using a 100-grit paper, sand the various profiles of the door. In the corners and groves, a sanding sponge would do.
  • Apply a Finishing: Apply a finishing of your choice, including paint or a clear finish, after thorough sanding.
  • Reattach and Paint Door Knobs: Painting door knobs should be done after reattaching them.
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If you need qualified door painters in and around Pretoria to help you with any of your work, call us now.

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