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Looking for an honest, reliable and committed handyman to help with general handywork around the house? I am experienced, professional and committed to help and fix your maintenance needs.

Whether you need something installed or repaired please do call for a free quote any time. I will always stay on the job until its done to your satisfaction.

Residential/Commercial Handyman Maintenance services:

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Home Maintenance & Improvement Projects Made Easy & Affordable

When you purchase your home you have hopes and dreams that you would ideally like to accomplish in as short a time as possible to make your new home the perfect getaway for you and your family. Whether you have a townhouse, a house or an apartment you always have ideas that will add value to your home and make it your perfect home.

It is not always possible to hire the nationally renowned companies to perform the improvements that you dream about, so consider hiring handyman in Pretoria so that the dreams and plans do not remain dreams and plans until the financial backing is available or they are simply forgotten.

I know as a home owner myself that when you want to go about doing home maintenance and improvement projects yourself it can be a very daunting exercise, and the option to hire a professional handyman Pretoria to perform the tasks of the various projects is more often than not an expensive solution!

There are a variety of ways to validate the expense and even though we all need to save as much as we can, there are some areas where it is less expensive to have us do the job than to attempt to perform it alone.


How to Hang a Door DIY
Install a Rainwater Harvesting System
Laying Concrete Slab DIY
Install Laminated Flooring DIY

Each home improvement task has its own set of rules which need to be considered, apart from wanting the home improvements Pretoria to not be the beginning of a nightmare, you want your home to look like a showcase model for the latest handyman Pretoria home improvement magazine, and you do not want to be living in a state of unfinished chaos for years to come!

Whether you are an elderly home owner, a new home owner or a middle aged home owner wanting to tackle the dream improvements, you going to need the advice and assistance of a professional nutsman in Pretoria, so give me a call and let Pretoria handyman quote you on the most cost effective plan of action to tackle all your home improvement projects and provide you with a professional finish in a timely manner!

Regardless of whether your home improvement project is interior maintenance such as repairing or replacing your ceilings, partitioning or dry walls or perhaps retiling your kitchen or bathrooms or replacing the grouting, or even something as mundane as repairing light fittings and replacing blown light bulbs.

Or exterior maintenance such as removal of paint and repainting, gate and fence repair or maintenance, or automating your gates and garage doors handyman Pretoria is able to give you a cost effective quotation and complete the projects in a specified period of time in a professional manner, giving you peace of mind and the knowledge that your projects are being completed correctly with handyman services Pretoria!

Perhaps you have had some plans that you have never had the opportunity to put into action to do some renovations to your home, such as building alterations, steelworks, installing laminated flooring, fans, and other flooring and now that you want to complete the dream and have your plans become a reality you realize that you need a professional handyman in Pretoria to assist you with the tasks.

We are able to perform the general maintenance tasks such as repairing, hanging or installing doors, repairing and replacing locks, general yard maintenance, landscaping, gutter repair and cleaning and lawn care, having a professional Pretoria handyman take these tasks out of your to-do list would give you more time to spend with your family and friends!

The other more expert type of improvements such as shelving, wood repair, installation and repair of cupboards, and swimming pool repairs are also handyman services that Pretoria nutsman  is able to perform for you in a professional manner at an affordable cost!

Let your good intentions for your home become a reality and provide your family with the dream home you envisioned when you first purchased your home, give Pretoria handyman a call and let me give you a detailed quotation as well as expert advice on the best plan of action to follow to ensure that all your improvements, maintenance and renovations are completed!

As a handyman in Pretoria east and professional service provider of the above services I offer you the most affordable means to reach your specific goals as well as a warranty on all the projects I complete, so not only will your home renovations or maintenance be complete, you will also have the peace of mind that they have been completed by a professional handyman in Pretoria north with extensive knowledge in each area of expertise. Also handyman centurion services available.

Give your home a face lift, and your family the home they desire, call me, your handyman Pretoria west now and set up an appointment where handyman Pretoria area can evaluate your requirements, assess the projects you desire and provide you with nutsman services Pretoria east professional opinion and cost effective quotation!

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